Supermarket Independent Art Fair

Eva Högberg & Valeria Montti Colque
10th to 14th of May 2023 - Supermarket

The motto that Supermarket has chosen for this year fits very well the essence of Köttinspektionen. Twilight Zone can be understood as the space between two different realities, the time where an encounter is made possible. It is a blurred line where art converges in its different forms and shapes, in the diverse reflections that it provokes, in its material mastership and in its conceptual evocations. Köttinspektionen feels comfortable on this eclectic stage of artistic creation, an example of which is the exhibition here presented with artists Valeria Montti Colque and Eva Högberg. Their work represents what Köttinspektionen has been, and continues to be, over the years, a place for exploration and for artistic enhancement. In 2016, Högberg had an exhibition at Köttinspektionen and Montti Colque will do the same in the winter of 2023. Their practices are different from multiple angles, yet one might find some clues that connect their representations, such as the choice of depicting their personal journeys as subtle evocations of various social challenges.

In her newly created work, Högberg reconnects with the image of her deceased mother, who has now come to embody a tender lying horse. The hair and loose limbs scattered around the space mourn the lost presence, while offering a dissident reading of a canonical symbol of power and oppression: the horse. In the same space, Montti Colque presents two works: “Molnskogen” and “Corazón de Oro Alma de Cristal” gathering not only one story but myriads of them, using clouds, trees, birds and shamans as storytellers. This whole scene is overseen by the jokerita, an alter ego representing the duality of feeling on the margins of society and rooted in sharing life, joy, and struggles with friends and family. Those who are with us, those who are gone.

Eva Högberg works with a variety of materials, ranging from film, painting, sculpture and sound, to text. Her works combine imaginary stories and poetry to create a unique personal universe, in which fragile materials such as paper, wood and moss create strong and vibrant installations. Love, mourning and the human body are also elements with a strong presence in Högberg's work.

Valeria Montti Colque works with stories and builds visual worlds inspired by life, myths, religion, society, heritage and popular culture. Her works often contain symbols and metaphors that draw on her personal experience and life. She mixes techniques, materials and expressions, such as drawing, painting, performance, installation and often works in collaboration with other artists and creators.

Projektet genomförs med medel från Konstnärsnämnden och Kulturrådet.

10th to 14th of May 2023 - Supermarket Independent Art Fair

Artists: Eva Högberg & Valeria Montti Colque

Address: Stadsgårdsterminalen Stadshamnen 26
116 45 Stockholm Sweden